5 Quick Website Changes to Attract More Clients

Breaking through marketing noise to attract and retain customers and clients is hard. The amount of marketing messages people receive daily is immense. Depending upon the business, a simple Google search of an industry can return thousands of results, and it’s difficult to get noticed. To gain an edge on the competition, it’s important to stand out. Here’s a few quick tips to help increase your website move up the search results and receive more clicks.

1. Optimize Your Headlines And Content

Content is critical for people wanting to engage with your brand. Content needs to be interesting, simple and provide a call to action. Visitors need a reason to come to the website, stay and return.

Test different headlines to determine which one(s) brings the highest conversion rate; test both short headlines and long headlines to which works best with the audience. An easy way to test different headlines is by using Title Generator. This free online tool allows users to add in the keywords or highlights from the content and it will generate a wide range of headline options.

2. Add A Contact Form To Your Landing Pages

Contact forms are great for gathering leads, and websites without a contact form are missing key interactions with their target audience. Our team use Gravity Forms to embed forms on clients’ websites, and we direct visitors to the form through the menu and multiple points of contact throughout the site.

Contact forms should be easy for the visitor to complete. You want them to provide the information you need, but still make it easy to click the “submit” button.

Although contact forms are important, they alone cannot increase traffic to the website. However, including multiple ways for customers to reach out can increase conversions. Having a phone number, links to social media and email can more than triple conversions.

3. Include Free Resources When People Signup

A tried and true way to add subscribe new customers to a newsletter or website is by offering a freebie or discount. People love giveaways. When someone signs up for a free trial or email, consider giving them something of value immediately in return. This could be in the form of a free book, downloadable, gift card, small discount or sample, or whatever else resonates with the target audience.

Freebies and giveaways get attention, but they need to have some value. Once a subscriber realizes they’ve signed up for emails or website notifications that are relevant to their needs, they are less likely to unsubscribe. Keeping these customers engaged can equal more revenue, and an opportunity to up-sell on occasion.

Please be careful with giveaways. Ensure they’re of high quality and relevant to the brand. Freebies of low quality or don’t make sense can result in a negative brand experience

4. Consider an FAQ Section

One of the easiest and most effective ways to effectively change your website is by answering customers’ frequently asked questions. Include the answer to the question in your headline. Then, in your body copy, answer the question and restate the answer in your own words to benefit the visitor.


FAQ sections are incredibly powerful because they enable a brand to get its core messages across in a clear, concise manner. The way you craft your FAQ section is important. It needs to be comprehensive and easy to read while still being tightly focused on the message.

Another advantage of using FAQs is that it can help a website rank well for keywords in that niche. Difficult to rank phrases can be used here, helping the website rank higher for them.

5. Feature a Testimonial Section

A feature that has proven particularly effective in increasing website conversions is the inclusion of testimonials. People love to hear what others say about a company’s products and services.

By including customer testimonials on the website, you’re providing credibility and proof that others have been helped and are satisfied. Research shows that credibility and proof is an extremely important ingredient in the successful conversion of prospects to customers.

Testimonials are a great way to reach your audience. Don’t forget to ensure that links to the testimonial are included, so the readers know they’re true.

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