Contact the Professionals – When to Hire a Content Writer

No one knows your business better than you do. As the founder/owner of a company, can you be objective in the presentation of your company and its products and services? Can you write about your business in a way that sells the brand without sounding like a commercial but still getting the main messages across? Business owners are not expected to know how to do everything, they are knowledge experts in their respective fields, and may need help in some areas. 

Show don’t tell

Hiring a professional writer can help tell the brand’s story in a way that’s detailed, yet concise and can draw attention to the primary messages. Tell the writer what you need and let their expertise show the potential customer why the business is wonderful.

Writers are not familiar with every industry, but some may have certain areas they focus. Conducting interviews with writers is a great way to discover if they’re style is a good fit as well as reviewing their previous work. 

Before starting a job, a professional writer will likely set up a series of interviews with the owner or president as well as other key employees who could offer input about products and services. The writer’s goal is to collect as much information about the business’ history, target audiences and services so they can objectively write about the most sellable benefits, and present them to customers in a clear and concise way.

An experienced writer can use the written word to “show” potential customers what your products and services do, explain the qualities that make them the best, or different , from the competition.

A writer can use real-life scenarios about how your product solves a problem. And in reverse, a professional writer needs to know any shortfalls with the products when compared to others. Their goal is to not highlight those areas, but to address them if necessary or showcase comparable benefits.

Content Creators Simplify the Process

Hiring a professional writer can save a lot of headaches in writing a website or any online content. Writers can write as the owner, in their voice, with their ideas. Business professionals are busy operating their business and may not have time to rewrite their website or create regular blog posts, but hiring a professional writer can get the job done quickly, efficiently and within a designated time frame.

Many professional writers are also content creators. They are skilled in writing compelling product/service descriptions, an interesting “About Us” page and provide effective Calls-to-Action that trigger the need for the site visitor to act. 

Business owners are great at talking about their business, and show their enthusiasm for their industry, but their focus should be running the business while a writer develops quality content for use targeting stakeholders. A professional writer can write the brand’s story. 

Hiring a professional to write the website’s content can keep visitors longer and ensure a better return on your investment!

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