Importance Of Website Security For Business

People are careless about the security of their personal information online. Businesses are catching lapses in their security and investing heavily in cyber protection. A recent survey found that 90 percent of web users worry about safety and security online.

For years, hackers have managed to get into companys’ computer systems and steal sensitive information. There are multiple safeguards business put into place to make accessing information extremely difficult. This usually includes protecting customers’ credit card and bank account details, among other information such as birthdays and addresses. Website protection and security is an issue for businesses of all sizes.

Below are the ways Sweet Tea Communications and our partners at Circle City Web Design keep clients’ websites updated and secure.

1.   Updating WordPress

WordPress releases core updates and theme updates a few times per year. These updates can range from security patches to dashboard updates or edits to themes. In order to keep a WordPress website working properly, it’s important to install these updates and keep the site up-to-date. When updates are not performed on a regular bases it makes the website vulnerable to hackers and runs the risk of collapsing.

A website is like a house of cards and as long as the cards are kept in good shape, they will stand up and support each other; however, if the cards are not maintained and kept in good condition, they can begin to collapse – impacting other areas.

All of our clients’ websites undergo monthly maintenance to their websites. This includes updating WordPress and any plugins used on the site.

2.   Setting Strong Passwords

If you’re a WordPress user, you know that setting a strong password is critical to keep hackers out of your system. While you want to ensure that your password is strong and secure, you also don’t want it to be too long. A good rule of thumb is that the longer the password, the better.

While it’s important to choose a strong password, make sure that it is memorable and easy to type quickly. The best bet is to select a password that contains a mix of numbers, letters and punctuation. Make sure a few of those letters are uppercase as well.

3.   WordPress Backups

In order to keep business data safe and secure, your website needs protection. No one is aware of all the potential threats aimed at websites; hackers choose to attack websites for a wide range of reasons. But, having a backup of the website is critical to have in the event the primary website becomes compromised.

A WordPress backup contains all of a website’s content and settings, including client orders, form submissions and more. Each Sweet Tea Communications site undergoes a daily website backup and daily security scan. Our backups are also located on a separate server from the primary site. We take security seriously and don’t want our clients to ever lose productivity because their website was compromised.

4.   Security Plugins and Software

Businesses that use WordPress for their websites can be protected from a wide range of threats. This includes, but is not limited to, hackers, malware, spam and even denial-of-service attacks. Included with our hosting are specific plugins and software that look for vulnerabilities on a daily basis. Contact us to learn more about what’s included.

5.   Firewalls

In addition to security plugins and software, all of our websites also include a Web Application Firewall (WAF), which monitors and prevents unauthorized access to the website.

WAF operates between your website and your visitor and stops certain types of malicious activity. Enabling WAF slows down attacks from bots and hackers. It is a security measure that helps keep the site healthy.

6.   HTTPS (SSL certificate)

Websites that do not have an SSL certificate, which makes the site an HTTPS vs HTTP, means that any hacker around the world can easily find access into the site. When customers visit your website, they should trust that it is secure. All Sweet Tea Communications websites are required to have an SSL certificate.

In nearly all cases, an SSL certificate is the first line of defense against cyberattacks; this is a basic security measure. A secure connection will encrypt the data being sent to your website, making it difficult for hackers to steal it. HTTPS also results in improved rankings on searches. It makes it even more desirable as a security measure.

7.   Other Security Measures

  • WordPress requires owners to change their username to something else other than admin. Changing the default admin username is something that many people forget to do. It is also the easiest thing to change; make this a priority.
  • Two-factor authentication has become an important part of the security protocol. The first authentication method is the username and password. The second is usually a one-time password generated on your mobile or sent to your email.
  • If you’re concerned about your website’s security, contact us to learn more about what we’re already doing and let’s chat about your concerns. We can help identify solutions that make the most sense for your site.

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