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Thank you for your interest in joining our group of BFFs (Business Fundamental Focus Group). During our eight-week workshop, you will join the ranks of those who understand how to maximize their business growth by learning how to tap into sales leads, identify which forms of marketing communications are right for your business, and find new financing avenues. Let Amy and Laura help you take your company’s success to new heights! Space is limited to only 10 participants. To reserve your spot, please fill out the form below. The cost only $400, which is only $50/week. That’s an excellent value to invest in the strategic planning and coaching for your business.

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By clicking or checking “I Agree” at the bottom, providing credit card information (either in-person or online), physically or electronically signing this agreement, or otherwise enrolling in this course, you the “Client” are entering into a legally-binding agreement with the “Coaches” (Amy Morelli and Laura Barnard), and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Services: Upon the execution of this agreement, either electronically, verbally or otherwise, the Coaches agree to render services related to business sales and communication consulting and coaching. The terms of this agreement are binding between the Coaches and the Client. Both parties agree that the nature of this Workshop is education, coaching and consulting. The scope of education provided includes, but is not limited to sales leads, networking and marketing communications. The Coaches reserve the right to substitute services equal to or comparable to the Workshop for a client if the need arises.

2. Compensation Client agrees to compensate the Coaches according to the payment schedule on the Coaches’ website. Client is required to pay a deposit to reserve a seat in the Workshop. All balances must be paid by the end of the first session or a five percent (5%) penalty will be incurred once a week for two weeks. If payment is not received within two weeks the Client is automatically withdrawn from the Workshop and no refund is given on payment already received. Once a Client pays the deposit they are have legally committed to the Workshop.

3. Refunds Upon receiving the deposit and the execution of this Agreement, the Client is responsible for the balance of the fee. Clients will not receive a refund in the event they choose to cancel the agreement.

4. No Resell The Client agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, trade or exploit any portion of the Workshop for commercial purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, worksheets, slides and other presentation materials. This Agreement is non-transferrable unless there is prior written consent from the Coaches.

5. Workshop Rules The Client agrees to interact with the Coaches and other participants in a professional, respectful and courteous manner. Failure to abide by this rule, disparage or purposefully negatively interact with the Coaches or other participants is grounds for termination of the Agreement without a refund.

6. Limitation of Liability By enrolling in the Workshop, the Client releases the Coaches from any and all damages that may result. The Workshop is strictly for educational and consulting purposes only. Keep in mind that every person, business and situation is different, so depending on the effort, environment and circumstances, individual results will vary. There are no promises or guarantees made regarding results. Enrolling in the workshop is an acceptance of any and all risks, foreseeable and non-forseeable.

7. Confidentiality The Coaches and Client agree to not disclose, reveal, share or make use of any confidential information learned through the Workshop and any follow-up discussions. All information shall remain confidential.

8. Indemnification The Client shall hold harmless the Coaches against any and all liabilities and expense whatsoever, including but not limited to claims, damages, judgements, awards, settlements, costs, investigations, attorney fees and disbursements.
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